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  • Your home Is not only your largest single investment, but it is also where you have chosen to raise your family. If your mortgage is not protected, you risk losing everything you have worked so hard for. An unexpected death or illness can be financially devastating forcing your family or spouse to sell the home should you pass away if they cannot afford to continue paying the mortgage. Or in the event of a serious illness, a reduced household income could mean bank foreclosure if you are unable to meet your monthly mortgage payments.

    Mortgage Protection Plan through MANULIFE was created as an affordable, simple solution and we are proud to be offering these as part of our complete package of services.

    Mortgage Life:
    Pays off the mortgage upon death, leaving your spouse or family entirely mortgage-free.

    Mortgage Disability:
    Covers the mortgage payments and property taxes while you are unable to work at your normal job.

    Term Coverage:
    Call for details on specific packages.

    Special Features:

    • Very affordable
    • PORTABLE to ANY lender, bank or credit union – follows your mortgage wherever it goes
    • Disability coverage is available WITHOUT having to take the LIFE insurance
    • Protection starts the minute you sign your application
    • 60 day money back guarantee
    • Cancel any time – no contract!

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