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    Get a Port Moody Mortgage Pre Approval!

    Buying a house is one of the biggest dreams of almost everyone! It’s a great feeling to buy and live in a house you call your own. The real estate market is ever changing and offers various options to buyers. Whatever your needs or specific requirements you can find a house that matches your dream house! But it is important to carefully research, plan and organize before you take the big step of buying a house. It’s usually a onetime affair and you need to be sure that it’s perfect. Also, buying a house is a great financial responsibility. You need to make a smart investment and organize your finances and plan well in advance. With the option of mortgage, it is easier to take this step but again, it is necessary to be aware of all obligations and provisions attached to mortgage. The smart buyers opt for the mortgage pre approval. It’s a great way to benefit and plan your investment in real estate. It guarantees a mortgage even before you decide on the house you want to buy. After evaluating your financial credibility, a Mobile Port Moody mortgage broker approves a certain amount of mortgage before you decide on the property to invest.

    How a mortgage pre approval can help home buyers get started-

    • The most important advantage of getting a mortgage pre approval from a Port Moody mortgage broker is that it helps you fix a budget. This way you can narrow down your search and options well limited within the budget. It reduces stress of collecting money and finances after setting your heart on a property. It is thus a practical approach to buying a house.
    • It also helps you make better deals! It is easier to negotiate with real estate agents or home sellers when you know your exact limit and it is more lucrative for the broker as he knows you are a serious buyer. It thus makes your negotiations stronger and puts you in the position of a strong investor.
    • A mortgage pre approval from a mortgage broker loan also helps you be more confident in your search and reflects in your serious limited but specific property search.
    • A loan can be a time consuming process, with a mortgage pre approval you cut down the time between selecting a house and actually investing in it. You already have the finances ready!

    Your house is your dream… make the process of buying a house - hassle free and convenient! Call your trusted mobile Port Moody mortgage broker, Karin Hoehn today and get started on your home ownership goals! 604-328-3801