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  • Why work with me to locate your mortgage vs your bank?  My goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property.  We start by getting to know you and your home-ownership goals.  I make recommendations based on my experience and knowledge of your needs, and then assist in deciding what’s right for you.  I have your best interests in mind, and care about you throughout the
    entire process.  My service does not stop once you sign the mortgage paperwork, but continues on until as I ensure you have a smooth completion to the process and thereafter, I continue to look in on you to see if there is anything that might be done to improve on your mortgage over the years to come.

    What makes Karin different than any other mortgage broker?  My 15 years experience lends to the experience that I can offer, and it shows in the details.  I am also fortunate to be part of an award winning mortgage team – Verico/Gibbard Group that has one of the best reputations in the mortgage broker industry and is known for their high level of standards.  With the high volume of business we do as a group, we are able to offer our clients the absolutely best mortgage products and the most competitive rates and special offers available to the marketplace, unlike some of the smaller firms, or newer brokers in the industry.

    Save Time with One-Stop Shopping  As an independent mortgage broker, I am not tied to any one lender or mortgage type, so I am free to submit your application and singular credit report, amongst
    many different lenders and can quickly narrow down those that suit you best.  It could take you weeks to organize appointments with competing banks/lenders.  Working with me is FAST, EASY and CONVENIENT.  No running around.

    I Negotiate on your Behalf  Most people are uncomfortable negotiating directly with their bank.  Bank’s offer their best daily interest rates and new products to the broker community. We are the bank’s top source of new business. However, as your broker, it still requires some negotiation in order  to get the best prevailing rates available.   Even slight downward adjustments to your interest rate will save you hundreds over time so I keep watch on the rates right up to funding to ensure that
    your interests are taken care of.

    Product and Market Knowledge with Expert Advice Your bank will not discuss with you any mortgage types they do not offer. Today, mortgages are much more diverse offering specific options for specific needs. I continue to keep abreast of the various types of mortgage products available, and to be aware of their benefits and/or pitfalls. You will ultimately benefit from my knowledge and knowing all of your options.  Your mortgage may have been easy to obtain five years ago, but with all the new rules/lending changes initiated by the federal government and the banks themselves, it can be much more difficult to qualify.  Now more than ever, a good broker is your best resource!

    No Cost for my Services  You may think that there has to be a catch for all of the benefits to using
    my services, but we are compensated by the lenders that we place your mortgage with, much the same as an insurance agent.  These fees are quite standard and industry-wide, so the focus remains on you, the customer.

    Independent – Working for You! I am most concerned with simply locating for you, the best mortgage with the best interest rate possible. I will do a good job for you, and in the process, I anticipate that I will be rewarded by your recommendations to those you know may also be in need of a mortgage.  I build my business on past happy clientele, and intend to be here the next time you need a mortgage!